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About Meredith

Meredith was admitted to the legal profession in August 2017 and was called to the Bar in September 2018.

Meredith completed her studies at the University of New England. Whilst there she achieved considerable success receiving numerous academic awards including the LexisNexis Award for achieving first place in Contract law, in addition to academic awards for achieving first place in Criminal and Civil Procedure, Jurisprudence, and Administrative law. She achieved a grade point average of 6.34.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Meredith worked as a legal research assistant for a Sydney barrister gaining a wide experience in NCAT, residential and commercial building and construction claims, contract disputes, corporations law, bankruptcy and insolvency claims, succession law, consumer law and trade mark claims, employment law, discrimination claims, strata and property law.

Meredith has had a diverse background and experience particularly in the mining industry. She completed a trade as a mechanical fitter in 1999. Her work as a fitter and supervisor in the mining industry in Queensland and New South Wales has given her a unique practical insight into industry, including contract and employment law.

Meredith’s experience and insight provides clients with a practical understanding and approach to navigating any legal problems.

Meredith is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is able to perform mediation for both commercial and family law disputes. Meredith’s experience and training enables her to provide invaluable assistance for negotiations as well as other forms of Alterative Dispute Resolution.

Specialty areas

Administration Law

Commercial Law


Residential and Commercial Building Disputes

Competition and Consumer Law

Corporation Law

Employment Law

Family Law

Child Support matters


Real Property Law including Retail Tenancy disputes

PPSA matters

Succession law

National Accredited Mediator

Alterative Dispute Resolution


Appellate Matters